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Services are sold in packages, minimum of 4, paid in advance to secure your appointment times, dates and discounted rate.

Treatments can be mixed and matched.


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Face & Neck 



($400 in most Plastic Surgeons Offices)

Non-surgical, non-invasive, alternative to Botox. Using Cold Laser combined with High Power Radio Frequency and Red Light. No Pain, No Needles, Instant Results. Tightens the skin, reduces eye puffiness, reduces dark circles, reduces wrinkles, lifts the skin, reduces double chin, increases your natural collagen production, circulation and improves skin at a cellular level, reverses the aging process.

4 Treatments SAVE 5%

6 Treatments SAVE 10%

8 Treatments SAVE 15%

10 Treatments SAVE 20%

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Laser Lipo

Body Contouring



($1100 in most Plastic Surgeons Offices)

Non-Surgical, non-invasive, lose weight & inches tightens skin, most clients lose anywhere from one inch to three inches per area each session, see the difference from the very first session. If you have a bulge in your belly from pregnancy, or love handles, back fat, sagging bat arms or cellulite, this is the treatment for you. Used for these areas: Stomach, Love Handles, Back Fat, Arm Fat, Calves, Throat, Double Chin, Butt, Thighs

Eye  Lift $75

Neck Lift $100

Knee Lift $100

Décolleté $100

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