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Chantel Nielsen


Hello! My name is Chantel Nielsen. I am a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner and Certified Laser Technician. Specializing in energy healing with the use of essential oils. I am very passionate about assisting others on their healing journey to complete health and wellness. I love to share my knowledge and skills with others so they can live life to their full potential. 


I have always had a passion for helping others feel better and feel like I found my place in life doing bodywork.  I have found great benefits and seen amazing results using these techniques. If you are struggling with an issue, allow me to help you release your emotional baggage so you can begin living life to your full potential. Much Love and Light!​​​


Certified Emotion Code Practioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist
Pranasana Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master

Certified Laser Technician

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