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Cleanse, energize and reset your biofied for Higher Frequencies


What exactly is Pranasana Yoga?


Pranasana Yoga is a new form of Yoga that is prana-centric or energy focused as opposed to asana-centric or body focused. It is a form of Raja Yoga very similar to Kundalini Yoga. The big idea is to shift out of seeing yourself merely as a body and to begin to think of yourself as an infinite energy field of oscillating frequencies and vibrations. The focus being more on your energy field than your body; you exist as a biofield with a unique energy signature first and foremost. Your body, your life is merely the end result of your dominant frequencies. In Pranasana practices, we do not reduce ourselves to our component parts and we do not focus on exact body alignments and poses, instead we are continually working on our total essence, our unique energy signature with the intention being to cleanse, energize and reset it for optimal frequencies. In many ways, this way of practicing yoga can be thought of as “Yoga as Intentional Energy Work.” It is the inner world of ourselves that we focus on, not the body. A complete yoga practice should include BOTH inner and outer practices and ALL EIGHT limbs of yoga as outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


What do you mean by energy signature or biofield?

Everything in the material universe is made of protons and electrons, including us. Protons make the core and electrons are in a constant state of spin around the core. This action between protons and electrons happens at all levels of matter, from subatomic particles to super clusters. Our physical body which is the essence of our minute to minute thoughts and emotions has a field of energy around it that is moving with an epicenter of rotation centered at our heart. This field or biofield around the body has spin, color and is made of very specific frequencies and vibrations. A vibrant, colorful and properly spinning field is associated with excellent health, happiness and unconditional inner peace and harmony. Similarly, one who is in poor health, sadness, depression, anger and stress will have a biofield that is congested and polluted. It is simple to clean ones polluted biofield, and when one does the body is restored to health and your natural state of joy and loving kindness returns.



What causes us to have a congested and polluted biofield?


Many things can contribute to a congested and polluted biofield; poor diet, poisonous chemicals, lack of exercise and “life style” are factors; however, the most significant contributor is our minute to minute thoughts, emotions and overall level of fear and stress vs lovingkindness and acceptance. In short, distorted and limited thinking and unresolved emotional traumas are the major energy viruses which keep us tuned into lower frequencies and make us depressed and sick. It is far worse for someone to be eating organic and raw food while feeling toxic fear, anger and judgement than it is for someone to be practicing mindful loving kindness while eating lower vibration food. Ultimately, it is best to eat the highest vibration foods, exercise and maintain minute to minute frequencies that are life affirming. It is the minute to minute frequency management that everyone must learn how to do better and these practices help to do this in a very powerful way. Our minute to minute thoughts and emotions comprise our inner world and if this world is not full of life affirming and love affirming beliefs and emotions, the person is either sick or on their way to becoming very sick. The challenge here is that our minute to minute thoughts and emotions have both a conscious and subconscious component. We must maintain life affirming frequencies from both components and this is why reset work is so important for overall transformation.


How exactly do we ignite our body’s natural life force energy and clean up our biofield?


Anytime life force is added to our body we begin to shift a little. This process happens by simply going for a walk in fresh air or taking a walk in the woods; however, although this type of activity feels good, it is a gentle cleanse compared to the type of cleanse we receive doing Pranasana practices which involve very specific types of breath work combined with stimulation of potent points on the body. These points are used in acupuncture, acupressure and various other modalities to help reduce pain, inflammation and stress and as a total system for health and healing. Interestingly, the word acupuncture is translated from the Chinese word Zhen Jou and is roughly translated as needle and heat. Ancient yoga practices for purification include atype of breathing called breath of fire or heat. In Pranasana practices we learn to use our breath to deliver heat into very specific pathways of our biofield for emotional, physical and mental wellness and ultimately spiritual awakening. Remember that the practices include not only cleansing of the biofield, but energizing and resetting as well. This is a very important and unique distinction from all other types of popularized yoga in the west today.

What is life force or prana or chi?


Life force is the English equivalent of prana, chi, gi, orgone, zero point energy, spirit and breath. All of these words designate the same basic idea which is well developed in eastern teachings, but not so in the west. This is changing; however, the average person in the west has little or noidea of the power that exists on their every breath. Breath is LIFE and INFINTIE INTELLIGENTFORCE. This life force permeates all of the visible and not so visible physical universe; it is every where, it is in unlimited supply, it is intelligent and it is benevolent. IT CANNOT BEPATENTED AND SOLD!!! When you decide to work with it in a conscious way, it may appear as if miracles are happening; however, it is just normal processes that we are all capable of inducing in ourselves. Concentrations of life force will ignite our innate healing and consciousness expansion. When we work in a systematic way with the structure of our biofield, inner awareness, potent point stimulation, advanced breath work and yogi mudras and movement, we go from simply igniting our inner light to literally dancing with LIGHT ENERGY in analchemical explosion that is beyond words. The opportunity to dance with CREATIVE POTENTIALENERGY is available with every breath you take. We tend to think of the breath as merely oxygen; however, it is so much more than that; everything is on the breath. In the old testament, the word ruach is defined as GOD, spirit and breath and so when we learn to use our breath we are literally learning how to engage THE QUANTUM FIELD OF ININITE POTENTIAL.. also thought of as spirit or GOD. This dance will cause many things to happen. Sometimes we feel great after a session and sometimes we feel sick or dizzy or nauseous or need to yawn a lot during the session. This is actually a really good sign that something is ready to give and should be explored further. Discomfort before, during or after a session is simply your body telling you that you have come upon a layer of emotional/mental distortion/trauma that is ready for you to clear out. You must clear out your traumas and distortions in order to evolve yourself. Failure to deal with ALL that burns inside you so that you may live with an open, compassionate and forgiving heart for EVERYONE will eventually make you sick.


What happens during or after a Pranasana Group Session?

When we increase our dosage of life force and stimulate meridians we begin the process of emotional and mental detoxification. The reset work and prayer that is done during the sessions will further this process. Although everyone feels something different due to their different energy signatures, it is quite common to experience discomfort as old emotional content is brought up for processing and release. Some people feel nauseous during or after a session. Some people will get physically sick. Some people will get headaches. Any type of discomfort during, after or the following day is simply a confirmation that you have begun the detoxification process. For some people, anger and agitation will arise the following day or days after. The intensity of the practice will also be a determining factor. The more resistance we have to going into our inner world will also make this harder. YOU would not be reading this now or shown up for a session if you were not ready to heal some old wounds. This work takes courage since our deepest wounds hurt and our ego has created both walls of protection and victim beliefs to keep us in blame, shame and anger which only create more resistance. These walls can be broken down and healing can occur if YOU are committed to your personal growth. Continued participation will help greatly and private energy healing sessions will also speed up the process. Many students have bypassed talk therapy by leaps and bounds by doing this work.

Yogi Tenzin 2018

Body and Emotion Code

By identifying underlying issues the body code checks for negative energies, negative emotions, inherited trapped emotions and energetic imbalances, physical trauma energy, misalignments and imbalances of organs, glands, musculoskeletal system, toxins, chakra's and meridians.

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